A Small Experiment With Mantra

Mantra is for some a path to meditation. It is the intentional repetition of a word or phrase for at least 108 times.

It is said that if you repeat a mantra 125,000 times you reach a critical mass of Omness and something wonderful happens. I’m not sure what sort of thing. It could be enlightenment. Or do you just win the lottery?

It takes weeks to say even aum so many times. The purpose behind prayer beads is to count the repeats. If you have an old rosary, you could use that (it’s said that Catholics got the idea from Hindus). Reciting the mantra so many times also takes commitment.

So I tried the exercise at this site as my first experiment. You can scroll through 125,000 aum symbols in a few moments and see what happens. I felt like I was getting soaked in aumness. See what happens for you!

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The Journey Begins

I’ve been planning to make some major changes to my website and in the process I’ve been examining the way people have been using it.

The part about leading meditation is far more popular than I expected. That’s why I decided to begin the renewal with a blog about meditation and the mind. I will move those pages from my old website here so they will still be available, but I would like to explore the infinite variety of minds that meditate from the inside out, so to speak.

In my years of teaching yoga I have discovered that a meditation that really takes one person deep can leave another counting the minutes until they can roll up their mat. This doesn’t make one person wrong and another right. It just means their minds work differently.

That’s why I am asking you to help me explore minds (yours and mine) and look for what makes a meditation technique work for me but not you — or for you but not me.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. —Izaak Walton