About Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool in terms of improving physical health, mental health, and improving quality of life. It also has a powerful affect on our spirituality and connection to our higher power. It is thought of by many in terms of spirituality alone. But don’t dismiss it because of that spiritual connection, there are a great many benefits that are purely practical.

  • It decreases in stress hormones
  • It decreases in incidence of cancer, heart disease and stroke
  • It increases in youth related hormones
  • It improves memory
  • It improves behavioral responses to stress
  • It decreases road rage

Businesses are beginning to recognize the bottom line impact meditation can have on employee retention, job satisfaction and medical cost. Tires Plus is a prime example.

On this site I’m offering my best tips for establishing a meditation practice. Most of them earned their way onto the list by way of my own experience. Others make good sense and I wish I’d known about them at the beginning of my practice. There are suggestions for various techniques you can try (because what works for me might not work for you) and reminders or why you should establish your practice.

If you would like to help the practice of meditation spread, I’ve also included scripts and tips for guiding meditations.

In-depth descriptions of a variety of meditation techniques can be found on the Miracles of Spirit website.


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